New Life Faith Christian Fellowship Church

Vision and Mission


Our Vision…

A church filled with believers flowing in the gifts God has given them, spreading the gospel everywhere they go.  Displaying the love of God to everyone. 


Members filled with so much joy (and power) that everyone who witnesses them wants to follow them to our church and ministry.  Each and every member living a victorious and satisfied life in Christ.



Our Mission…

New Life Faith Christian Fellowship (New Life) has two main objectives we strive to keep at the forefront of everything we do as a church and ministry:


1.     To spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost (those who do not know Him).  Bringing in those around us to worship God the Father


2.     To do the Three E’s: Encourage, Empower, and Engage the believers in our assembly

·         Encourage – We are here to encourage each and every believer to be all that God has designed and wants them to be.  We will encourage them in their faith, faith in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and faith that believes God is Who He says He is, and that His Word is true. (Heb. 10:23-25)


·        Empower – While we are not the ones who empower the believer (it is God Who empowers each of us), we will teach, instruct, and enlighten believers on the power that God has given each of us.  The power that comes from the Holy Spirit and the power that the Word of God tells us we have.  Empowered to live victorious on this earth.


·        Engage – We will engage each believer in our church’s ministry.  We will engage them in the area where they can use and grow the spiritual gifts God has given them, as well as the natural gifts/talents God has given them.  Engaging our members in spreading the gospel of Jesus everywhere they go.






New Life Faith Christian Fellowship Church Vision and Mission (page 2)


Finding your ‘spot’ in New Life’s ministry

There are many areas to serve here at New Life (“if anyone wishes to be great among you, he/she must be a servant”).  One of the ways to determine your ‘calling’ is to look at the natural talents God has placed in you.  Are you a talented musician/singer?  Maybe you should approach our Worship Leader about our music ministry.  Are you gifted at fixing things, landscaping, etc.?  How about our Grounds/Maint. Team.  Take a look at the ministries below, and see if there is somewhere you can contribute (to be a member of this congregation, you NEED to be contributing to our team somewhere).  Don’t see something that fits your talents/gifts, let the pastor or associate pastor know what your talents/gifts are, and they will find a place for you to serve and minister!


Audio-Visual/Technical –Sound system for church and ministry events, overhead/visual equipment, recording/duplication, etc.  Spreading the gospel by helping our pastors, teachers, musicians be ‘heard’ in the church. 


Children/Youth – Spreading the gospel to each and every child brought into our ministry, encouraging, empowering, and engaging them in their faith and service of our Lord


Fellowship – Encouraging/empowering/engaging our members by planning, coordinating, and putting together fellowship events (i.e. Harvest Fest, Valentine Banquet, church picnics, etc.)  


Grounds/Maintenance – Preparing our grounds and facility for the lost coming in (landscaping/outside grounds, mechanical, structure)


Housekeeping Preparing the inside of our facility for the lost coming in (cleaning, facility interior prep, decorating)


Music – Spreading the gospel via music, and to encourage, empower, and engage others in worship of our heavenly Father.


Outreach/Marketing – Helping ‘spread the Word’ throughout the community, via internet (website, Facebook, etc.), special events, etc.


Prayer Team – Spreading the gospel via prayer (praying for our ministry).  Encouraging, empowering, and engaging our members via praying for them, their families, and their ministry.


Service Assistants (Greeters/Ushers) – Preparing people to hear the gospel when they arrive at our facility by making them feel welcome, wanted, and comfortable in our congregation.


Other???  Is there something you see that’s not getting done?  Establish your own ministry here that better enables us together as a church to see our vision become reality and fulfill our mission!