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And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Cor 13:13 NIV
God has told us in His Word that we are to make the love of God our great quest in life.
Kenneth E. Hagin
Why pay money for GPS when Jesus gives direction for free.
Pray for civil authorities
Rom 13:1-8
Pastor Edwin Potts
01/02/2014  Kingdom Power
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Meet Jesus Christ



Prophecy by Pat Harrsion


Prophesy given by Pat Harrison, FCF International



Pat Harrison:

· “I just want to say a few words to Pastor.”

· “Candace, you can come up here with me, Hallelujah.”

· “Now, you know all the things that I’ve just said are true.”

· “And just studying and meditating about this meeting, He said that to me several times. He said that needed to be said to you and to this family. Amin.”

· “It’s important that we don’t lose focus of that and don’t lose sight of that.

· But at the same time it does not mean that you cannot bring along side you those that can help you. Those that you have disciple for this purpose. And the Spirit of the Lord is simply saying…(tongues).”


Candace Jackson, Ms. Harrison’s daughter: (interprets)

· “Focus is the key; but just like Caleb, who for 40 years wandered in the wilderness because of other people’s mistakes, just like him in his old age he said, “I put an anointing on you that invigorates your faith so there is time___; there is time; there is time to set in place and set in order; things that need to be set in order; time for transference; transference of anointing; transference of vision; transference in security; in the Name, take this mountain says the Lord.”


Pat Harrison…(tongues).


Candace Jackson:

· “Now you’ve always gone rejoicing, and rejoicing in Me but you’re gonna laugh like you’ve never laughed. You’ll see. It’ll be amazing – the last days are the glory days unlike the world like when they are young; but your glory days are at the end. And they’re uplifting and they’re fun. Look for the fun, look for the surprise ‘cause I have several hidden for you. Just for your eyes. Ha ha. I have a joy that’s higher and higher and in the days to come I will reveal Myself, Myself to you in a way that you’ve never seen before. And the glory upon you will be visible, saith the Lord.”


Pat Harrison:

· “And that glory, as it becomes visible will stay visible. And therefore, you will continue to be aware that the things that I have spoken to you, are happening.”

· “And it will bring more joy of course. And you understand that and you can walk in that because you do all the time. But it’s even another level of that joy, hallelujah, because of the glory. Because of the glory that you will be aware of and others that are spiritual will be aware of, Hallelujah. You shall surely see it and you shall surely know it, ha!”

· “Glory to God. We thank you, Lord, Your Word is true. And we thank You Lord that what You speak and what You say shall be, because we say we receive, we take hold of, and it will happen just as You have said, in the Name of Jesus, Hallelujah.”

· “And how many of you know that the Holy Spirit does not speak just to hear Himself speak. It’s important that we take hold of and hear what He is saying is so you can uphold him. So that you can walk in expectancy of what God says He’s gonna do. And how many of you know that that what happens through Him will happens through him will happen through you and change will surely come.”

· “Hallelujah, ha ha. You know God never changes but He works through us to change things. Hallelujah. And there are some things that are gonna change but I tell ya what they are good and just as He said you are gonna see some surprises, so are you. They’re good, they are good things. Hallelujah. Because He only has good things in store for you at this place at this time, now. Hallelujah. Glory to God, thank you, Jesus.”

· “Just as Esther was at the right place at the right time, so are you; for such a time as this. For such a time as this.” “Hallelujah!”

· “Glory to the Living God. We give Him all glory and praise; for He is the Holy God. And He is the One that loves us and He is the One that is causing the good things to happen in our lives.” “Hallelujah, glory to the Living God.”…

· “He (God) has done this this way this morning for you to understand that Pastor is still very much available. Pastor is still very much in tune with God and the things of God. And very much capable and able. And there’s things that are happening in his life that he desires to begin to happen in your life so you need to see it, you need to hear it, you need to speak it. What is that? Have a fixed mouth, have a fixed eye, have a fixed heart. Amen.”


Pastor Edwin M. Potts receives the microphone from Pat Harrison and responds to God:

· ”Unto Thee O Lord do I lift up my soul. O, my God, I trust in You; I will not be ashamed. Let none be ashamed that whit on Thee, O Lord. And let them be ashamed that transgress Thy way.

· Show me Thy ways, O Lord and teach me Thy paths, lead me and teach me. For Thou art the God of my salvation. On Thee do I wait all the days. Thank You, Father.”

· “He put that on my heart early this morning and I had to say it form the congregation to hear it. Those of you who consider me Pastor … ‘save your fork.’ That means the best is yet to come!”

· So, I say to you congregation, This sixteen year old Kid trapped in this eighty-three year old body – the best is yet to come.”

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